The Daniel Hertz M10 speaker is a two way speaker design using a dome type tweeter and a cone type woofer. The M10's are built with the highest quality parts, materials, and workmanship to provide the ultimate listening pleasure and pride of ownership.


The sound of the Daniel Hertz M10 speaker easily fills a normal living room, but is splendid and most impressive in an intimitate listening space or sound studios as a nearfield monitor as well. Two channels of power amplification are required for operation. We highly recommend the M9 integrated amplifier to drive the M10 speakers to achieves it’s full potential. The M10 may be driven also by a 20W amplifier with good results. Power is not the only factor. A power amplifier must have low distortion, stability, reliability, and be used without clipping (over-driving).


The M10 is finished in a very high quality piano finish.The M10 grills fasten magnetically. Feel free to use them if you prefer the look of the grills. For the best possible sound, remove the grills. The difference is slight but important to some listeners who want the best possible sound. The M10 provides an impresive frequency response from 35Hz to 20KHz and an effiecincy of 89dB (8 Ohms).