The Daniel Hertz  M7w is a wireless speaker that combines the state of the art performance of the Daniel Hertz M7b with a rear panel-mounted amplifier and embedded software that optimizes the sound quality to a new level of accuracy. The software also enables Daniel Hertz A+ technology so the sound and feeling is more like analog from all sources.


The M7w includes a pro audio style compression driver tweeter with a hand crafted wood horn and a 12” pro audio style woofer in a beautifully finished, very robust cabinet in white piano finish. The tweeter has a huge 4” voice coil. Both the tweeter and woofer are engineering for high sound pressure levels and move more air faster with more linearity than conventional speakers. A passive crossover at 2kHz enables the M7w to be powered by a mono amplifier rated at 50w. Since the M7w i