The Daniel Hertz  M7w is a wireless speaker that combines the state of the art performance of the Daniel Hertz M7b with a rear panel-mounted amplifier and embedded software that optimizes the sound quality to a new level of accuracy. The software also enables Daniel Hertz A+ technology so the sound and feeling is more like analog from all sources.


The M7w includes a pro audio style compression driver tweeter with a hand crafted wood horn and a 12” pro audio style woofer in a beautifully finished, very robust cabinet in white piano finish. The tweeter has a huge 4” voice coil. Both the tweeter and woofer are engineering for high sound pressure levels and move more air faster with more linearity than conventional speakers. A passive crossover at 2kHz enables the M7w to be powered by a mono amplifier rated at 50w. Since the M7w is around 100dB efficient, the SPL output of the speaker is close to 118dB.


The M7W software is factory calibrated but can be updated in the future by a USB connector that interfaces with a PC running DH speaker tuning software. All parts in the M7w are high stability, high reliability type including semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, circuit boards, stainless steel hardware and so forth. The M7w is designed to last for many decades of listening enjoyment with all kinds of musical repertoire from the most delicate to the most powerful.


Listeners can connect a smartphone or computer to the M7w wirelessly by wifi with no sonic degradation. A Mac with Daniel Hertz Master Class provides the ultimate in sound quality and ensures that almost every recording will sound very much like a live performance.




Height 970 mm

Width 450 mm

Depth 405 mm

Weight 60 Kg

Sensitivity 100 dB

Impedance 8 Ohm

Frequency range 25 Hz - 20 KHz

Maximum soundpressure 118 dB (200 Watt versterker)

Amplifier 50 Watt wireless



Daniel Hertz M7W - wireless